Proactive Air Purification for Where We Live/ Learn/ Work/ Heal

Safe and Effective Solutions for Indoor Environments

Creating Clean Spaces with Cutting-Edge Technology

Air+ purification systems leverage world class bipolar ionization technology to address today’s air quality challenges. The health and safety of our indoor environments is more important than ever for strong student/teacher dynamics and return-to-office initiatives, as well as thriving retail and healthcare settings.

Breathe Easy: Proven Results from World Leading Labs

Our product line was extensively tested and proven effective by leading international research laboratories for over a decade. Customers can trust that Air+ products are of the highest quality and truly deliver on the promise to remove harmful pollutants, deactivate viruses, or reduce odors.

Clean Air Everywhere: Technology for Any Setting

Our solutions can be used in a wide range of applications including homes, schools, offices, healthcare and even industrial settings like wastewater treatment facilities. Air+ products are particularly effective in spaces where large groups of people gather such as airports, casinos, and convention centers. Since they are integrated with central HVAC systems, ions are continuously delivered to these spaces assuring positive air quality.

Products for every application

Our versatile range of Air+ products can treat a hotel room or even a 100,000 CFM custom air handler serving an airport terminal. They are all easy to install and operate while consuming very little energy. The needlepoint technology is auto-cleaning so it requires no maintenance, while the tube-style products for more challenging environments only require tube replacement every two years (depending on pollutant levels). Whether looking to improve the air quality in your home, office, school, casino, or even wastewater treatment plant, Air+ offers a powerful and effective solution.

Reduce outside air intake requirements while improving indoor air quality

AirCalcs+ is a free web-based ASHRAE Standard 62.1 IAQ Procedure program that manages the calculations required to meet the International Mechanical Code. Specifically, it calculates and compares contaminant levels from both the Ventilation Rate Method (VRM) and the Indoor Air Quality Procedure (IAQP). The code allows reduced outside air intake requirements if it can be demonstrated that the contaminants resulting from using the IAQP are equal to or less than those resulting from using the VRM. The software outputs the calculations in PDF so they can be easily added to your HVAC drawings.

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Looking to partner with a leading air purification supplier? We offer a range of products and solutions designed to improve IAQ in almost any setting plus our company provides the support and guidance needed for success. Send us a message to learn how we can partner to create a healthier indoor environment.

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