Hotels & Hospitality

Make Your Hotel A Haven for Health

It’s essential for hotels to provide a safe and healthy environment for their guests and staff. Air+ ionization systems use advanced needlepoint technology to neutralize pollutants, including the deactivation of viruses such as Sars-Cov-2 and influenza, ensuring that guests can breathe easily and rest comfortably during their stay. Investing in air purification solutions will not only benefit your guests and staff, but it also differentiates your property from competitors, boosting your reputation as a responsible and health-conscious business.

Solutions For any challenge

Hotels come in all shapes and sizes, with interior spaces containing unique air quality needs. Guest rooms, lobbies, breakfast areas, restaurants, conference centers, fitness rooms, and other common spaces all require effective and specific air purification solutions. Air+ has small ionizers that can be installed in a guest room PTAC unit or air handler mounted units for larger spaces, such as conference centers, ensuring that every room within the hotel is safe and healthy for guests and staff.

This video is staged in an open office setting of about 2,000 square feet, but its size and occupancy density make it very comparable to any densely populated space like a restaurant, fitness room, or breakfast area. Do you have a question? See our Frequently Asked Questions.

Improve Air Quality, Save Money

Outside Air Reduction Reduces HVAC Equipment Sizes and Ongoing Energy Use

By leveraging ionization technology from Air+, consulting engineers and building owners can implement ASHRAE’s Standard 62.1 IAQ Procedure (IAQP) for either new construction or renovations. This approach reduces outside air intake by up to 66% providing first cost savings by downsizing HVAC equipment, decreasing ongoing energy use, and improving indoor air quality for almost any building. Air+ simplifies the use of the IAQP by providing the required ASHRAE calculations and related specifications.