Bringing Cleaner Air To The Casino Floor

Air+ offers an advanced solution to improve the overall atmosphere in casinos for your customers and staff. By employing our ionization systems, we effectively control odors from cigarette smoke and create a more pleasant environment. Not only will this keep players on the floor longer, but it will also increase their spending. Our technology deactivates certain viruses, such as SARS-CoV-2 and influenza, to give everyone the peace of mind of a clean and safe casino experience.

An Inexpensive Way to Improve Player Spend

At Air+ we understand that casinos need to balance their capital and operating budgets, which is why we offer our innovative Hardware as a Service (HAAS) model. Our HAAS model allows casinos to pay a monthly lease fee for our air purification systems, rather than requiring a large cash outlay. This not only helps with budgeting, but it also guarantees that the systems are always in good working order.

We take care of all maintenance and will extend the warranty for the length of the lease agreement, whether it’s 36 or 48 months. Your guests enjoy a safe and pleasant experience, while your capital budget focuses on other important investments. Contact us to learn more about the HAAS model.

This video is staged in an open office setting of about 2,000 square feet, but its size and occupancy density make it very comparable to any densely populated space like a casino gaming floor. Do you have a question? See our Frequently Asked Questions.

Improve Air Quality, Save Money

Outside Air Reduction Reduces HVAC Equipment Sizes and Ongoing Energy Use

By leveraging ionization technology from Air+, consulting engineers and building owners can implement ASHRAE’s Standard 62.1 IAQ Procedure (IAQP) for either new construction or renovations. This approach reduces outside air intake by up to 66% providing first cost savings by downsizing HVAC equipment, lessening ongoing energy use, and improving indoor air quality for almost any building. Air+ simplifies the use of the IAQP by providing the required ASHRAE calculations and related specifications.