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Offices: Back in the Office with Higher Productivity

Did you know that improving air quality in your office results in a more productive staff? With improved air quality in the workplace, studies show that productivity and cognitive function improve, while stress is reduced. This leads to a team of healthier, happier and more valuable employees.

Investing in your employees is your biggest ROI

Employing Air+ state-of-the-art needlepoint ionization technology at a one-time cost of roughly $100/person* in an office setting will help to control airborne pollutants including dust particles, VOCs, odors, bacteria and viruses to reduce sick days and increase productivity. Several studies suggest that improving air quality results in productivity benefits of thousands of dollars per person a year. That’s a 20X to 40X Return on Investment (ROI) in the first year alone.

*Estimated cost includes several variables such as population density, air handling equipment configuration and installation costs.

This video is staged in an open office setting of about 2,000 square feet, but its size and occupancy density compares to almost any open office scenario. Do you have question? See our Frequently Asked Questions.

Investing in your building is good for business.

It’s been shown1 that investments in overall building health leads to 10% productivity improvements in organizational profitability. MIT researchers found2 that healthy properties rent at 4.4% to 7.7% more per square foot. The cost to deploy Air+ ionization technology to an office building is a one-time cost and because Air+ products are self-cleaning – no maintenance or replacement parts are ever required.
1 Healthy Buildings, How Indoor Spaces Can Make You Sick—or Keep You Well Joe Allen, Harvard’s Healthy Building Program and John Macomber Harvard Business School

Improve Air Quality, Save Money

Outside Air Reduction Reduces HVAC Equipment Sizes and Ongoing Energy Use

By leveraging ionization technology from Air+, consulting engineers and building owners can implement ASHRAE’s Standard 62.1 IAQ Procedure (IAQP) for either new construction or renovations. This approach reduces outside air intake by up to 66% providing first cost savings by downsizing HVAC equipment, lessening ongoing energy use and improving indoor air quality for almost any building. Air+ simplifies the use of the IAQP by providing the required ASHRAE calculations and related specifications.