Cannabis Cultivation: Odor Control and Plant Optimization

Air+ understands the importance of maintaining a clean and controlled environment for cannabis cultivation. Our advanced bipolar ionization-based air purification systems not only control odors and meet exhaust air approval limits, but also increase cannabis yield and potency. The systems also improve plant quality by virtually eliminating bacteria and white mold, while reducing mold growth in your air handlers. Plus, this technology is also linked to improved crop health and is easily installed in both new and existing air handlers.

Improve Air Quality, Save Money

Our bipolar ionization systems can help cannabis growers meet exhaust air approval limits and reduce costs at the same time. Air+ ionizers are mounted on the supply air system, releasing ions into the space to reduce odors while requiring less work of the carbon filters. This not only helps to meet regulatory requirements, but also results in cost savings by reducing the need to frequently replace costly carbon filters or eliminate them completely.